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ICN Computers

  We can setup a network in your place weather it is a home/home business.

Network Wired/Wireless

Any software upgrade we can do. No upgrade isn’t too big or too small.

Software Installation/Upgrade

A complete system image with bootable disk for when you want to upgrade your hard drive. This would save you less time in recovery to a new hard drive.

Complete System Backups

  If you need a website created, please check out Website Pricing link at the top of page for prices. Right now this service is for Personal/Family Memorial as well as  Home Businesses.

Website Creation

See below for the services that we offer

Cost depends on what technology is going for at that time.


Whatever your desires are for a new computer or an upgrade we can do this for you. With a 24 hour turn around on all custom built or an upgrade in 12 hrs. Providing no issues.


Custom Built AMD/INTEL Systems

Removal of all virus weather it is malware, ordinary virus or spyware. No virus isn’t too big to clean up.

Virus Removal

Have you gotten a new computer from HP, Dell etc., you will need to have these disks in case of a hard drive failure

Creation Of Rescue Diskette