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  Doug P. on October 8, 2014

  Good job!! Thumbs up.

  Steven B. on October 10, 2014

  Mr. Thorpe works very well with computers and is very   knowledgeable. He assisted me in the work place when he reported   to me as a Security Officer. He also assisted me with my home   computer needs and was very patient and informative.

  David G. on October 10, 2014

  Tom did some very good work on my computer. Will not let anyone   work on it but hem.

  Vern V. on October 10, 2014

  Highly recommend Thomas’s services always keep up to date with   the technology and completes the job.

  Carol B. on October 11, 2014

  Recently my printer stop working. When I was unable to get it to   work after trying for some time and asking my friends for help   without   success I contacted Mr. Thorpe. He answered my call in a   timely   manner and arrive at my home at the time he said he would.   He was   able to find the problem in a matter of minutes. He is a   qualified   computer technician. I highly recommend him.

  Tina H. on October 12, 2014

  Thomas Thorpe has been a life saver for me on several occasions. I   found him to be extremely knowledgeable, efficient, accommodating,   affordable, respectful, in addition to providing excellent follow up   on the services that he provides.

  Judy S. on October 12, 2014

  I am very fortunate to have had Tom Thorpe as my computer guy for   3 years, as he is very knowledgeable and can fix any problems. I   highly recommend him.

  Catherine J. on October 15, 2014

  With me not being so computer savvy, Tom was excellent. Not only   did Tom explain what was wrong with my system, he also walked   me through showing me step by step on what he did and what I   shouldn't do. My computer is working so much better than before   and the programs he installed are also a major plus. I highly   recommend Thomas for being an outstanding professional that I   would   come back to if needed.

  Alicia H. on November 1, 2014

  Thomas has proven to be someone who is on Time and is   experienced in the art of problem solving. He is the person to   call when difficulties arise, and I would highly recommend him   so all who need worry free service.

  Adam T. on November 13, 2014

  Data Recovery Service, Mr. Thorpe was extremely helpful in   recovering all my data on an external drive. Information that   was   on the drive was not replaceable and he got it all,

  Charlette H. on November 25, 2014

  My first experience with Mr. Thorpe was great. He put together   an entire system for me that I have had no problems with. If I   have a question or an issue with some software he is "Johnny on   the spot."

  Daniel K. on April 20, 2015

  PC Computer Repair: Great guy. You can tell he really cares   about his work. Always does his best to make sure you have   the best experience  possible. experience possible.


  Computer Repair:  Mr. Thorpe was very accommodating. He   worked with my busy work schedule and was finished with my   PC very quickly. Where others took over a week to complete,   Mr. Thorpe was finished in less than 24 hrs.

  Claudia H. on June 15, 2015

  Computer Repair Verified Review

  Mr. Thorpe was very prompt, professional and knowledgeable.

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